extriCARE® Dressings

The dressings associated with the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy pumps are crucial in helping provide patients with the most effective treatment possible. The extriCARE® NPWT dressings come in either foam or a patented anatomically fitted dressing. The foam dressings come in small or large sizes in a complete application kit which includes adhesive film, connector tubing, and a suction bell. The anatomically fitted dressings also come in a complete kit and are offered in several different sizes to for wounds on different parts of the body.

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Please see the Specification Sheet in our Downloads section, or on our Resource page.

Billing Codes

Dressings: A6550
2400 Canisters: A7000

Item Codes

Mini Oval Dressing: EC2400-MN
Small Oval Dressing: EC2400-SO
Large Oval Dressing: EC2400-LO
Extra Large Oval Dressing: EC2400-IM
Sacrum Dressing: EC2400-S
Foot Dressing: EC2400-F
Small Foam Dressing: EC2400-FOAM-S
Large Foam Dressing: EC2400-FOAM-L


Dressings Specification Sheet
Foot Dressing Instructions for Use Guide