CircuFlow™ Garments

Our CircuFlow™ Lymphedema Compression Garments are most effective when used with our CircuFlow™ line of Lymphedema Compression Therapy Pumps. Able to fit any patient, these garments come in a variety of sizes, for both arms and legs. The CircuFlow™ garments feature a lightweight design and a 4-chamber or 8-chamber option. The 8-chamber option can be an effective alternative for patients suffering from painful ulcers or wounds. This allows patients to skip a chamber but still be able to experience the overall benefits of the device, alleviating symptoms on a daily basis. These features allow flexible treatment options for maximum comfort for our patients suffering with the uncomfortable effects of lymphedema. To find your perfect fit, check the specification sheet in the 'Downloads' section below, or on our Resources page.

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Please see the Sizing Chart in our Downloads section, or on our Resource page.

Billing Codes

Leg Garment: E0667
Arm Garment: E0668
Half / Half-Wide Leg Garment: E0669

Item Codes

Small/Full Leg: D-300S (4 Chamber), D-380S (8 Chamber)
Small Wide/Full Leg: D-300SW (4 Chamber), D-380SW (8 Chamber)
Small Extra Wide/Full Leg: D-300SXW (4 Chamber), D-380SXW (8 Chamber)
Medium/Full Leg: D-300M (4 Chamber), D-380M (8 Chamber)
Medium Wide/Full Leg: D-300MW (4 Chamber), D-380MW (8 Chamber)
Medium Extra Wide/Full Leg: D-300MXW (4 Chamber), D-380MXW (8 Chamber)
Large/Full Leg: D-300L (4 Chamber), D-380L (8 Chamber)
Large Wide/Full Leg: D-300LW (4 Chamber), D-380LW (8 Chamber)
Half Leg: D-301H (4 Chamber)
Extra Wide/Half Leg: D-301HW (4 Chamber)
Medium/Arm: D-302M (4 Chamber), D-382M (8 Chamber)
Large/Arm: D-302L (4 Chamber), D-382L (8 Chamber)
Medium/Arm & Shoulder: D-383M (8 Chamber)
Large/Arm & Shoulder: D-383L (8 Chamber)


Garment Sizing Chart