Lymphedema Compression Therapy

Lymphatic fluid is transported out of a part of the body by lymph vessels. Sometimes, these vessels can become blocked. The result of this is lymphedema, which is an abnormal collection of high-protein fluid just beneath the skin that causes edema, or swelling. This painful condition has no cure; however, research has concluded that pneumatic compression therapy pumps can manage some of the painful symptoms. The CircuFlow™ Lymphedema Compression Therapy Device mimics the lymphatic system by using sequential pressure to move lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Inflating garments are placed on the patient to simulate muscle contractions, working to unblock the trapped fluid. The CircuFlow™ products can aid in the symptoms of Lymphedema by reducing swelling, increasing mobility, and getting patients back to their daily activities.

Reduce Swelling

Our lymphedema compression therapy system reduces the unpleasant and uncomfortable swelling that is associated with lymphedema.

Increases Mobility

Continued use of our CircuFlow™ Lymphedema Compression Therapy Device allows patients the ability to move more freely, unencumbered by blocked lymphatic fluid.

Quality of Life

Since our lymphedema compression device reduces painful swelling and encourages mobility, our system allows patients the chance to get back to living their every day lives.